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1996. 6Established company

1999. 4Moved factory from Pocheongun to Yangjoosi

2002. 9Appointed promising business company by the Government

2005. 4Registered a utility model for dust-collector-type cutter

2006. 7Export to India (for PS Moulding)

2006. 9Obtained a patent for dust-collector-type cutter

2007. 6Export to South Africa (for PS Moulding)

2008. 4Export to Thailand (for PS Moulding)

2008. 6Export to Iran (for PS Moulding)

2009. 5Obtained CE Certificate for a 120 mm Extruder line

2009. 5Export to Thailand (for PS Moulding)

2009. 12Export to Thailand (for PS Moulding)

2010. 5Obtained a patent for Blending and Feeding System for Raw Materials and Pigments

2010. 9Export to USA(for PS Moulding)

2011. 1Export to Iran (for PS Moulding)

2012. 5Export to Canada (for PS Moulding)

2013. 7Export to Indonesia (for PS Moulding)