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We wish to express our warmest thanks to all of our customers. Since its establishment, we have been dedicated to the development and manufacturing of extruders, and are doing our best to maintain our high Level of reliability and credit. Recently, the demand for the PS Foam products, such as boards replacing wood Material and interior mold, has been increasing. For this, we will fulfill our management goal of “Customer Impression with the Best-Class Quality” with our accumulated experience and expertise, and thorough quality management. Thank you very much.


The Extruder has individual cylinder covers, thus, different from other types of the cylinder covers subject to temperature change by ambient temperature, constant heater ...

Side Extruder
Suitable for producing smaller parts including sub-members, or product coating.

Cooling Baths
The Cooling Bath is designed to meet the vacuum molding condition which is one of the most important conditions that decide product quality.

The machine is designed to draw various profiles preventing product deformation by maintaining the accuracy of up/down rotation...